We’re a team of experienced digital marketers, content creators and branding specialists 

We help small businesses drive online sales growth

AdNative is a boutique digital agency bringing together a team of hands-on digital marketers, content creators and branding specialists to help small businesses grow their digital brand and online sales.

Meet the team

Georgiana Bodas

Founder & Digital Advertising Partner

Georgiana is a creative perfectionist who will not settle for anything else than the best possible results for your advertising return on investment.

With previous working experience in innovative tech companies like Google or HP,  where she played a key role in upskilling over 10,000 young professionals and small businesses in online marketing, she has a torough understanding of how to unlock the power of online marketing to drive your business growth.

Ana Padurariu

Brand Strategy Partner

Ana’s business card outlines 10 years of hands on experience in B2B & B2C Marketing management, communication & branding. Both analytical and with a creative mindset, dynamic, always curious and super tech savvy, she is also an entrepreneur herself.


Luana Codreanu

Brand Design & Influencer Marketing Partner 


Luana is a visionary who will help you amplify your brand story through high-quality content.  With hands-on experience in content creation and influencer marketing, she has a strong understanding of the digital space and knows how to drive engaging and meaningful brand experiences.